Monday, July 26, 2010

NEWS: English Dude Legally Chages Name to 'Buzz Lightyear'

two words: soo. awww-sum.
haha, so here's the story; Steve Bolton (probably Michael talentless brother) is the ultimate, massive, hardcore fans of toy story 3 as in Monday he officially change his name into Buzz Lightyear. yes people, you heard it: Buzz. Lightyear.

also, on Monday, after he change his name into Buzz, he gave us this valuable comment about his new rad name:

“I’m a massive fan of Toy Story, they are my favourite films and I’ve always thought Buzz would be the ultimate action hero – if he wasn’t a toy.

“But it’s a great name, a great film and my girlfriend is going to love telling people she’s going out with Buzz Lightyear. Her and my mates have told me before that I’ve got a cheesy grin and chin like Buzz, so perhaps it’s a fitting name change.

“I hope kids will ask me for my autograph. It’s going to feel great signing my name Buzz Lightyear and introducing myself to people at parties.”

so, what did the UK Deed Poll Service's spokeperson say about this?; “Steve seems to be a dedicated fan and we were more than happy to help him out with his name change.”

so, to sum this up; Steve, or Buzz, you are no doubt has gone beyond and infinity! boom shaka laka!.

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